These poems are translated in English originally in Hindi by her father Sh.B.P.Shinglu.

Darkness and Silence

Let the moon be extinguished,
The glimmering archipelago of stars
Sink into the sea of night,
And the fire-places cease to burn,
The scholar's lamp be quenched
And homes and hearths swallowed up
In the all-devouring darkness.
Let the light of the fear-stricken world
A vast army encampment,
Be put out.

Let the conflict between mine and thine,
Differences and discriminations
Be dissolved in the ever-deepening dark
And from the black abyss of night
Be born a ray of light.

Let the agitated world pulse subside
And life retire to amore tranquil mood,
Be silenced the mad noise of the whirling wheels
And the blind flames dashing together
Learn to be quiet, thou man of iron,
Thou soul-less tool of electric power.
Let silence prevail.
And for once be released
The incarcerated voice of thy soul.


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