These poems are translated in English originally in Hindi by her father Sh.B.P.Shinglu.

The Inward Light

Frail like a crystal wine -cup,
Is the beauty of your face,
Soon to perish and crumble
With all its heavenly grace.

A stone came from nowhere
And broke the cup of delight,
Turning each fragment of it
Into a focus of inward light.

From the tresses disheveled in grief
And tears dripping from sad eyes,
Was born on a monsoon night
A joy that never dies.

There's a lamp that illumines
The innermost recesses of the mind
There's a priceless pearl that lies
In the shell of the soul enshrined.

There's story that remains untold,
To the men of the world unknown,
One who sacrifices his all,
It's truth is revealed to him alone